Seed of an Idea

Maybe you’ve never planted a seed? Never grown your own food?


Green beans are a great plant to get started with, and mid-summer is not too late to give it a try. To keep it simple, look for a ‘bush’ variety as opposed to a ‘pole’ variety. A pole variety requires trellising of some sort, whereas a bush does not. A bush bean can be grown just as easily in a container as in the ground, as long as it’s in an area that gets sun all day.


Plant your seeds about an inch deep. Keep the soil moist with daily watering until you’ve got what looks like a real plant, after which you can let it dry out a bit between watering. In a month and a half or so, depending on the variety, you’ll be eating the best green beans you’ve ever had. If you’d like to extend your harvest, plant more seeds two weeks after your first planting. Just as the first harvest finishes up, the second harvest will begin.

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