You Say Potato

A potato baked in a fire is so much better than a potato cooked any other way, it almost needs a completely different name.


Get a big fire going and let it burn long enough to make a nice bed of coals. (Of course you’ll want to use that time to make marshmallow appetizers – wouldn’t want to let that beautiful fire go to waste.) Poke some holes in your potatoes, double wrap in tin foil, and place on coals, not too close to any flames. Bake one hour, turning halfway through. (You’ll probably need a few more marshmallows to sustain you while you wait.) They’re ready when a knife will pass through them with no resistance.

These potatoes are great with just salt, pepper, and butter. If you want to get fancy, though, slice up some onions and peppers when you poke the potatoes. Double wrap them in tinfoil with a few nice pats of butter. Place that packet on the coals when your potatoes have about 20 minutes left to cook. A potato topped with peppers and onions with maybe a bit of goat cheese sprinkled on top? Perfection.

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