Grow Up

These look like perfectly lovely flowers, yes?


The truth is, I can’t stand them. They’re a perennial sunflower, given to me with the warning that they would spread, and oh, man, have they spread. They’ve snuck under a fence and appeared clear across the yard. That’s annoying, but if I keep on top of it it’s manageable. What’s not manageable is the falling over. They’re long and gangly and I’ve tried every which way to prop them up, but they’re determined to lie down, brought to earth by their own weight.

All of this might be worth dealing with if the flowers themselves were impressive, but at just a couple of inches across they’re really nothing to write home about, and because most of them are on the ground you don’t see them so much as their stems. Unfortunately there seems to be no getting rid of them; they’ve staked their claim. I ignore or cuss, depending on the day, and they go about their business, oblivious to my angst over their growing habits.

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