Keeping It Fresh

Stevia from the store is a white, powdery product.


Unsurprisingly, fresh stevia looks nothing like that. We came across a plant this spring at a garden center and surreptitiously snipped a leaf to give it a try. It was different than anything we had ever tasted before, which meant it had to come home with us. So far it’s been a novelty plant for us – something I ask everyone who visits to taste – but hasn’t made its way into our diet. It’s sweet, as you’d expect, but then it has a very strange aftertaste, one I’m not sure I quite like. I have some sprigs hanging to dry in the kitchen, so we’ll see how that affects the flavor. Experimenting with new plants is one of my favorite parts of gardening. Some may not grow, others may not be to my taste, but the trying keeps things interesting.

One thought on “Keeping It Fresh

  1. I use stevia in place of sugar and have gotten use to the taste, but have never tried it fresh from the plant. Next Spring I may have to find a plant, just to satisfy my curiosity!

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