Mum’s the Word

Somehow I made it over 40 years without realizing mums were chrysanthemums.


Never said I was a genius.

Mums can be overdone, but they’re our best bet for color outside of falling leaves in October. I’ve seen some beautiful gardens around town with shades of orange and gold, a perfect complement to what’s happening around them, but I prefer bright color in my own yard for as long as I can have it. Happily mums can fit that bill as well, as they grow in a wide variety of colors.

One thought on “Mum’s the Word

  1. ! I had no idea either! Good thing I saw this, because I was about to post the results of a contest where my readers can comment what they think the flowers are, and I would have said one person was wrong when they guessed mums were chrysanthemums! Thank you! That picture is so amazing too! I haven’t seen mums in that shade yet!

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