Present Company Excluded

Maybe you prefer to buy from individual artists with small businesses rather than faceless companies? Let me introduce you to three shops that will make your present list a whole lot less daunting.

mismatched mits

For someone you’d like to keep cozy, RowanLeafWorks┬áis the place to go. Super warm and soft original designs in wool blends, all handmade by one pair of hardworking hands. If there’s something cuter than mismatched mittens, I haven’t seen it.


Next up, for the art or nature lover, or that friend who spends all winter missing her summer garden, fine art photography from Dagny Kream Photo. These photos are beautiful on their own, but in a grouping they’re truly stunning.


Last but not least, Peadoodles. Tote bags, clothing, and postcards that demonstrate your dad was right, punning can indeed be an art form.