Scientific Method

I wondered about the wonderberry, and now I know.



I wasn’t going to be happy until I had tried them myself, but feel free to take me at my word: this is one strange tasting fruit. Throughout the season I have popped one in my mouth from time to time thinking maybe I just hadn’t caught them at the right stage of ripeness, but at this point I think I’ve spit enough out onto the ground to officially give up. No me gusta.

My understanding is that these are now going to spring up all over my yard, meaning either battle or acceptance. These are the sacrifices we must make for science.

I Wonder

The wonderberry is a new plant in my garden this year.


When I read reviews of the berries online, I knew I had to give them a try. They seem to be absolutely polarizing – either they’re bland, bitter, and taste of cardboard or they’re so good people eat them all before they can get them in the house. Anything that inspires such strong opinions is worth a bit of garden space, and I look forward to tasting them and finding out where my allegiance falls.